Musical encyclopedia? Is it important?

  • 16 July 2018

The world of musical instruments is extremely diverse. Music itself is the top of the iceberg, under which there are people, stories, ideas and more. It's great that there are projects that discover this world for us. One of such projects - "Musical encyclopedia. "Several guitars." - shared with us the history of creation and the main ideas that they would like to get across to the reader:

"Musical encyclopedia? Is it important?

Our community was founded on December 20, 2017 by three enthusiasts who wanted to touch the world of music at least a little. There were a lot of disputes between us in the process of creation, as everyone wanted to bring something special, and each time we faced the difficulty of combining different interests into a single one. Also we had difficulties with people who saw only money behind creativity. And they tried to lead us astray by statements that we won't achieve it that we won't earn anything that we aren't necessary to anybody and that it isn't interesting to anybody. But our collective character withstood all the blows and our community came out.

We are often asked why we have a two-post title: "Musical encyclopedia”and "Several guitars"?. In fact, it's pretty simple. "Several guitars “is a small reference to the song of the band Yorsh ”Dark Legion". For some reason, we were very passionate about the line “Drums, vocals and some guitars”, and we thought that part of this statement would look great in the title, although quite specific. But with the "Musical encyclopedia" the things are different.

Each person who opens his business, asks the questions: Why all this is necessary? What do I want to get across to people? And the name was born from the combination of these issues when we realized that we want to tell that the world of music and musical instruments is much wider than the usual listening to music. Behind each instrument there is a person, behind each person there is a company, behind each company there is an idea, and all this gives rise to history. And the most interesting thing is that each of these stories is unique and inimitable.

We are constantly surprised by the success of people, but often we do not want to understand the way, which led this person to the top, but if you study and consider this success from a different angle, believe me, you will find a lot of interesting and routine, fascinating and frightening, which makes you think that this is probably not your way Perhaps this is our mission to tell people that behind simple things there is always an amazing story.

Of course, we mostly write about guitars and musical performers, but we also pay attention to other news of the musical and instrumental world. During these six months we were able to meet a lot of interesting people and projects: guitarists, guitar masters, musical groups, who, in turn, inhaled their strength and new ideas in our project, and most importantly, who continue to inspire us with the hope that musicians and masters are one big family!

P.S. We are always open to cooperation and new acquaintances. We're just getting started, and we're not going to get out of the way."