Do you know? Interesting facts about bayans and accordions

  • 26 February 2018

Bayan and accordion are some of the most well-known keyboard instruments. By the way, in some classifications they are considered to be wind musical instruments. However, there is a number of facts about these instruments, that are not known to everyone:

  • An instrument called "Bayan" is a Russian invention. In all other countries it is called an accordion and is a kind of accordion.
  • The most famous companies for the production of accordions are Russian and Italian companies. Among them there are Moscow factory "Jupiter", "Bugari" and "Viktoria". These companies also produce high-quality accordions.
  • Bayan got its name from the musician A. Orlyanskaya-Titarenko. He named it after the ancient singer-narrator Bojana.
  • The ancestor of the accordion is the ancient Chinese instrument "Shen" (cheng). The source of the sound here is a metal red that freely moves under the influence of the air jet.
  • The name of the accordion was invented by the Viennese organ master K. Demian. Accordion in French means "hand harmonica".
  • In the United States the accordion was called "a piano with shoulder-strap."

The great thing is that the sound of accordion and bayan goes well with folk, ancient, classical compositions, moreover, these instruments still sound great today and they can often be seen in the use of modern music artists.

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