The most popular guitar brands

  • 06 December 2017

Today we are going to talk about the most famous brands of guitars.


Gibson guitars are well known all over the world. There almost no musicians who haven’t heard this name, but not everyone knows that the legendary manufacturer initially produced not guitars but mandolins. These were the mandolins by Orville Gibson that had a unique sound and shape.

Today Gibson guitars are famous for its impeccable quality and great sound. However, it is unlikely  that this was the only factor that brought the company worldwide fame and recognition. Of course, an important component of success was innovation. They say, and not unreasonably, that archtop shape was created by Orville himself. Florentine cut, two pickups, the appearance of magnetic pickups, the idea of guitars with hollow body – all these ideas belong to Gibson.

Gibson guitars were used by world music stars: John Lennon, Marilyn Manson, James Hetfield and many others. Because to the steady fame of this brand Gibson guitars remain one of the most desirable instruments, despite the very high cost and even occasional doubts about the quality of the individual instruments.


One of the first Japanese brands, it was produced by Hoshino Gakki company, that gained huge popularity in the US and Europe. It is noteworthy that despite the Japanese origin of the company, the roots of the name are Spanish. Hoshino Gakki originally imported Spanish acoustic guitars, that were called Salvador Ibáñez. Hence the name.

For a long time the company didn’t present its own design of guitars, they only copied the design giants of the guitar world (e.g., design of Gibson instruments). Company copied such famous guitars as Gibson es-175, Gibson Howard Roberts, Gibson L5. As a result, a significant amount of litigations. Later, Ibanez managed to provide a number of unique instruments.

Another well-known fact about the life of the brand is its cooperation with such famous musicians as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, George Benson, Pat Metheny and many others. Such cooperation boosted an immense development of the Ibanez company and led to the creation of custom engraved serial guitars.


Another well-known American company, but Fender unlike many other world guitar brands is popular not only among guitar players, but also among other musicians. Fender music equipment and musical instruments are known around the world. The company is named after its founder, Leo Fender. However Mr.Fender didn’t play the guitars, and the company was founded because of his deep interest in electronics.

Fender was the first in many aspects. For example, he first began to "age" guitars. They say that it began after the work with the famous band The Rolling Stones, whose members asked to make their guitars look old.

Fender became the father of hollow body guitars. Unlike many other manufacturers, they focused on usability, the relative ease of manufacture and repair, as well as the absence of impact instrument feedback effect that was common for many guitars at the time. Fender gave us such famous models of the guitars as Stratocaster and Telecaster. These wonderful instruments have found their niche both in the world of hard rock from Jeff Beck, and in the world of lyrical jazz from Ed More.