How to pack guitar before sending to another city?

  • 10 November 2017

How to pack guitar before sending to another city? How to do this correctly and safely? This can be useful if you want to exchange or sell the guitar. An important issue, so let us get more.

Different guitars have different factory packaging. Many of the instruments have a hard case, but there are instruments, where the case is not included in the kit. In addition, the number of manufacturers of the guitar have their own special features. For example, the guitar Gibson (and others like this) require more careful attention to the fretboard head. Due to the characteristics of the instrument, it is the most vulnerable place, which often breaks when not only transporting, but also may be damaged after falling. Thus, we will look at two types of sending a guitar: Inside the case and without it.

Cases can be different: plastic, nylon, wooden etc. Cases are usually strong enough, but inside the case, the guitar may be set not strong enough, and this is very unlikely. Then, a padding should be placed additionally to set the guitar tight against retaining the stationary condition elements. The same applies to case packing process. As a rule, the case is placed in the box and it has to be set tight. If it is not possible from the beginning, you need also to put the padding. The role of the padding is ideal for bubble film, and it is better to tape the box with scotch tape - this will not allow it to get wet in the case of moisture entering and will give strength.

More budgetary guitars are more often sold without the case, just in box. What to do in this case? The guitar can be wrapped with bubble film and put back in the original packaging. Please note: after that, guitar should not be loose in the package. If this happens, you must add the padding. After this, you need to find the right size of the rectangular box where we put the factory packaging with the guitar. In a rectangular packaging, it is better to add the padding so the guitar is set tight. All the construction is taped with scotch tape.

Important point: Before sending a guitar, it is important to loosen the tension of the strings to the minimum (but they should not be very loose). On the outer box, it is desirable to fix the markings that say "fragile".